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Who wants to play cricket in virtual reality?

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Cricket on the Oculus Quest

Back in March this year, I bought an Oculus Quest. I don't have a computer with a high-end graphics card, so the standalone Quest is perfect for me, and, being honest, I really wanted to play Vader Immortal after trying it at a friend's house! As an avid cricket player though, I quickly noticed that there were no cricket titles available on the Quest - yes, you could play Cricket Club if you had a headset that could connect to a computer, but that defeats the point. Who wants to play a sweep shot and be throttled by their headset cable in the process?! And so the idea behind Cover Drive Cricket was born.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn't a new idea (see its history on Wikipedia), but it is a relatively new consumer technology. It lends itself very nicely to cricket batting practice though; the batter doesn't have to move very far, bat-hitting-ball physics aren't too complicated (compared to what modern games engines can handle), and you can practice near-infinitely without bowlers getting tired. The question is: are virtual reality headsets good enough to simulate this yet? I'll leave it up to you to play CDC and decide for yourself!

Get in touch!

With 2020 being the year it is, I've had plenty of chance to bring CDC to (virtual) life. I'll be posting plenty of updates on this blog, but until next time, please play Cover Drive Cricket and let me know what you think on Twitter (@coverdrivevr), Instagram (coverdrivevr), or via email!